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Twitter is outraged by a 9/11 themed restaurant menu

Twitter users were completely stunned when they came across the Clubhouse Restaurant on Aquia Harbor’s Patriot Day 2022 menu. A Twitter the user wrote, “I would really love to know what the owner of this restaurant in Virginia was thinking about doing a 9/11 themed menu,” along with a screenshot. Menu items included Pentagon Pie, First Responder Flatbread, a souvenir-tini, and the Never Forget Sampler. The sampler came with several of the aforementioned items along with two cups of 2977 chowder, a flight 93 redirect crab dip, and a liberty flounder with sides.

Several others Twitter users were also unhappy with this. One user wrote, “Restaurant in Virginia using a 9/11 themed menu? Trash. Pure trash. 9/11 should NOT be joked about. Period.” Another one Tweeter claimed to have seen it coming, but maybe not so soon. “I’ve said for years that 9/11 would eventually turn into what all American patriotic code holidays are, excuses to drink and eat. I just can’t believe it took 21 years,” they commented.

According to Daily Mail, restaurant owner George White issued an apology on a Facebook community page. “I apologize to those I offended with the Sunday 9/11 Seafood post. My intention was to bring attention to that horrible day 21 years ago. To honor those who lost so much as well as those who gave their all that day,” he wrote. The restaurant then updated the menu online to reflect a football theme.

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