Vendôme jeweler side, courtyard a crook. Roland Dayan, former manager of Bokassa, exploited the credulity of its customers.

The old diamond of the Place Vendome Roland Dayan listened without apparent emotion his “clients” described as a vicious monster. Accused of fraud and improper exercise of the credit institution activity, it appeared from Monday to Wednesday before the Criminal Court of Versailles along with five members of his family, two former Credit Agricole and its employees and Bernard André Lemeignen Prima. Sitting with those of his clan, leaning on crutches that help move his enormous belly, Roland Dayan, 50, were safe godfather-like his impunity. A strange smile played on his lips as if he relished the court’s efforts to unravel the mechanisms of the alleged scam. He seemed almost tender when one of the tips of the plaintiff, Master Cohen-Sabban, said of him: “This man is a gentleman, he will stop at nothing.” Most lawyers have described him as character “extraordinary”, both by its lack of scruples that its “persuasive powers” extraordinary.

In the 70s, he was entrusted by Jean-Bedel Bokassa Marshal managing the affairs of the Central African Empire, including cases of expensive diamonds to the President for life. The evocation of this noble activity made shiver of curiosity the sparse audience of the 5th bedroom.

The incredibly voluminous trial record, it appears that at least 114 investors have agreed to Dayan loans for the purchase of precious stones including trading quickly allow a refund plus interest unbeatable. Fifty-two lenders apparently never recovered their investment. According to the prosecution, the overall damage would be about 30 million francs. Respecting the principle that “no one may invoke his own turpitude,” the vast majority of victims (including several doctors and business leaders Yvelines) had to give up a civil action. The hearing would indeed too clearly reveal that these “investments” escaped mostly to the tax authorities. Robert Dayan would have had very good reasons to smile frankly misadventures of these scammers conned. The court heard Gilbert Loutelier, wealthy and honest victim, retired architect of 85 years, who met the jeweler on the day of his golden wedding anniversary, when he bought at 21, Place Vendôme, a beautiful emerald to his wife. In August 1988, the wealthy octogenarian Trouville signed a “loan protocol” on paper Vendome header Diamond, a new company located at 7, Place Vendome, CEO Liliane Dayan, Orlando’s wife. Seven years later, Gilbert Loutelier still expects the loan of 3 million that was to bring him at least 12% per year. “Why not just an investment good father?” Wanted to know the president. The victim was content to complain that she had been “dazzled” by the luxury Dayan, for his art and jewelry, for, he was told, “Caroline and the Queen of England “. A year later, when the first returned unpaid checks issued by the jeweler, the old man had been worried reassured by the presence alongside Andre Dayan Lemeignen, heir to a very respectable family Versailles bankers. The two men were known in the empire of Bokassa. Founder of Cotec, Lemeignen became official in April 1989 manager of Leda Distribution. Directed by Roland de facto Dayan, the new company was supposed to commercialize Vendome diamond jewelry store in the sumptuous Golden Square on George V Avenue. When in the summer of 1989 the Vendôme Diamond lenders have begun to worry seriously, they are told that the big juicy case is tomorrow: first with the signing of a contract with the brand Balmain, secondly with the imminent entry of the Rothschild group in the capital of Leda up to 4.5 million francs. Credit Agricole Meuse, happy elected Leda company has also shown resolutely optimistic despite the many “incidents” related to the issuance by Leda of 5 million francs checks, the bank has Indeed granted without serious guarantees significant cash loans Leda. One of bankruptcy accused of complicity bankers recognized that the conditions for granting loans Leda were at least “unusual”. Dayan had apparently convinced, for example by announcing the upcoming opening of the Antwerp Bourse was no problem to get the embarrassment. Lenders have wanted to believe, until the imprisonment of Roland Dayan in spring 1990. Since then, bad business turned to tragedy for the less fortunate “investors” Dayan, especially those that had him Bernard brought Prima, former head of securities at the Société générale de Maisons-Laffitte. Clearly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the scam, this plea and a bit cramped was particularly mistreated at the hearing by former clients of the agency to which he signed windfall loan protocols with 10% per quarter. Thanks to the good advice Prima, spouses Koury modest retired craftsmen have lost a million francs they had painfully spared. Better yet, to try to save them up, they had agreed to sign new contracts with Robert Dayan himself. The artist had actually ripped off a few hundred thousand more francs. The Koury has been living in squalor. To settle their debts, Societe Generale, magnanimously offered them a “credit trust”. The prosecutor requested yesterday to five years imprisonment against former Jean-Bedel Bokassa advisor.

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