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Why are we seeing more greens on the restaurant menu

“You are what you eat” – This awareness has grown. People have evolved from what they were up to even a decade ago. Previously, cattle or poultry were purchased, they were raised ethically. Today, the use of GMO crops has increased, genetic modifications of these animals have multiplied. Consumption of meat is therefore not healthy. Now, if someone wants to eat healthy, the only way is to try to reduce the carbon footprint and try to get better quality products. This can be accomplished by eating vegetarian and green foods,” shared Chef Arnez of Sante Spa Cuisine BKC.

As we see, more and more people around the world are choosing a healthy lifestyle, including vegetables like corn, leafy greens, green beans and broccoli in their diets, prompting chefs to play with these ingredients to prepare a comforting meal in their restaurants. Additionally, if we eat local greens and vegetables locally, awareness of local and seasonal consumption has increased in recent years, enabling chefs and restaurants to source vegetables that are both healthy and available. in season.

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“With the growing trend towards a more plant-based diet, it has become imminent for us to adapt and meet the needs of customers. We all know that plants contain a lot of nutrients and that it is always healthy to eat fresh vegetables. “, highlighted Chef Dayashankar Sharma, Owner and Executive Chef, Heritage Dulwich, London adding that after the pandemic, people became more cautious and changed their eating habits in favor of greens, which is why there are more inclusions in the current menu.

What drives these trends

If we look at the data, about 26% of millennials are vegetarians and 10% of the world’s population follow some sort of vegetarian diet. So it’s no surprise that more and more restaurants are offering vegetarian and plant-based menus.

“2020 was the year everyone discovered herbal, with new products hitting the market, from bakery and pastries to pizza, lattes and even dirty burgers. People have become more health conscious and staying healthy is what many of us desire. When it comes to general health, people feel great when they introduce a plant-based diet,’ Sharma added, which included green vegetables like broccoli, fine beans, spinach and kale. in many of its dishes in its restaurants in the UK.

Commenting on the same, Ashwin Mocherla, Co-Founder, The Thickshake Factory and TTSF Cloud One, pointed out, “Consumers are always fascinated by something innovative and new in the market and try new things, especially the millennials. I think along with all other elements of service, menu innovation needs to align with the overall identity of a brand. And to ensure the same, we keep a close eye on what people are eating and trends and research how we can put our spin on it.

On the way to improvement

A vegetarian-leaning diet has immense health benefits. And with more than a quarter of diners in the country being vegetarian or vegan, these benefits are quickly becoming known. As we all know, vegetables are an essential source of essential nutrition and play a crucial role in a healthy diet. A healthy diet is key to a better immune system and better overall health, so it’s essential to focus on diets that contain the nutrients we need to thrive, not just survive. Vegetables are a fundamental source of all these essential nutrients. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unexpected stresses on food systems, creating many immediate challenges.

“We realized that higher intakes of specific nutrients seem to boost the immune system, while low intakes lead to less effective immune responses and greater exposure to infections. Even a minor drop in the risk of healthier eating could make a difference and for all the same reasons we wanted to find a solution that could address all of these points and provide a solution for our target customers,” added Mocherla who recently linked up with Tiger Shroff’s Prowl Foods to make India healthier and happier with an ever-changing menu of fresh, ready-to-eat meals.

Food ProwL

And, as we all know, a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet, as well as any physical activity, is the basis of good health. Due to the pandemic, where our lives have been severely impacted, our eating and consumption habits have changed significantly. And with health at the forefront of the conversation for the foreseeable future, foods that boost immunity and keep us healthy would dramatically dominate the day.

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“Nowadays people are more health conscious and educated enough to understand the benefits of plant-based foods. It is healthier, contains no fat, and can be easily digested. I think that will work well,” Sharma concluded.

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