Restaurant dishes

Why the best restaurant dishes can never be offered to customers

Chanterelle wasn’t the only restaurant serving staff meals — or “family meals” as they’re called — that could give restaurant menus a run for their money. Because working hours are long, it is common practice for most catering establishments to feed staff before the start of the first evening service. Chef Julien Royer from Singapore Odettewho serves new cuisine and holds three Michelin stars, explains that the restaurant staff cook and serve their own meals, because as he said, “It’s better when you cook. It puts people in a good mood when we have something that tastes good. This brings us back to the idea of ​​bringing happiness through our food. We do it for our customers [and] it’s the same for our team” (via michelin).

Staff meals can fulfill several functions in high-end restaurants: one is to ensure that there is no food waste, which means that chefs cook with whatever is within easy reach. hand, and the other is to experiment. Odette’s sous chef, Adam Wan, remembered one such occasion, when Odette received out-of-season tomatoes and had to taste them. “So I made a nice tomato salad with stracciatella and basil. Very classic, very tasty,” he said.

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